Empowering Your Students for the 21st Century




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Our Students Face a Challenging World of ...
Rapid changes; advanced technologies; and workforce outsourcing, offshoring and automation.
To be empowered for the 21st century, our students need to be able to ...
Think critically, solve problems, be creative, be innovative, communicate, collaborate, use technology and media, self-direct, lead, be ethical, be adaptable, be versatile, have a great work ethic, be passionate, be curious, and learn for a lifetime.
To be drawn into learning their core curricula and the skills above, our students need to ...
Develop connections to their curricula, their futures, their teachers, their parents, their peers, the environment and spirit of their schools, their communities, and the world.
Educators who teach all age groups and content areas can ...
- Teach core content standards in such a way that 21st century skills, attitudes, and habits are also developed.
- Build connections that draw students into learning, promote engagement, develop passion, and stimulate curiosity.
Educators do NOT need to...
Find more time to implement additional lessons, but simply need to modify practices to empower our youth and connect
them with the learning environment.
Educators in Common Core States are required to ...
Teach 21st Century Skills within the Standards. Skills in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, personal discipline, and real-world connection-building are demanded throughout the CCSS. 

Who needs the resources available on this website?

These resources are for educators who want their students to be empowered for the 21st century; be engaged and passionate; connect with and value learning; have a desire to be in school and succeed; and develop a deeper understanding of content knowledge and skills needed for life, college, and standardized tests.
In addition, educators from Common Core states can be empowered with a tool that shows how to promote the 21st century skills required in the Standards.

Finally! These are the game-changing resources you need.


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