Empowering Your Students for the 21st Century
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This game-changing book provides numerous strategies for empowering students of all age groups in all content areas with 21st century skills, attitudes, habits, and connections.

Written by an educator for educators, this resource will help you provide an education designed to empower.

This tool won't simply show you what goals need to be achieved to empower students. It will help you discover how to reach those goals.
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This companion to the book above serves as a ...

  • Compilation of the ideas you will discover and develop.
  • Quick reference.
  • Lesson planning idea generator.
  • Time saver that helps you weave empowering practices within, rather than on top of, your curriculum.
  • Tool for consistency.
  • Tool for engaging and motivating.
Preview the inside. Click here.


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Preview the inside. Click here.

This student guide is a powerful tool that serves as a resource for students as they develop 21st century skills, habits, attitudes, and connections.

Young people can apply the empowering lessons of this book as they tackle the curricula of all content areas.

This resource will also stimulate our youth to grow when they are outside of school.

Beyond educators, parents will also find this to be a valuable educational tool.

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