Empowering Your Students for the 21st Century

Top Reasons to Invite Christian LeButt to Your School or Conference

  - With Christian's passion, creativity, and audience interaction,
you will be engaged, motivated, and inspired.

- You will go beyond learning what empowers students to discovering how to empower students.

- Teachers of all student ages and content areas will gain tools
for empowering students.

- Rather than simply adding more activities on top of your curriculum, you will learn to modify practices.

- You will gain strategies for long-term consistency so that your new ideas do not simply become this year's "kick."

- Professional development is tailored to meet the specific needs of your educational team or group.

- His resources will allow you to develop and implement valuable strategies long after Christian has kick-started empowering practices.
(Professional development plus book bundles are available.)

Professional Development Topics that Empower

Christian can overview and/or detail any of the larger or smaller topics below. Regardless of the topic(s), his professional development is always provided with the goal of empowering educators with the tools to empower students.

Building Connections
Empowering connections draw students into the learning environment by creating engagement, passion, and curiosity.

Student Connections with
the Curriculum

Student Connections with
Their Futures
  Student Connections with
Their Educators

  Students Connections with
the School Environment

Student Connections with
Other Students
  Student Connections with
the Spirit of the School
  Parent Connections
  Student Connections with
the Community & the World

  Staff Connections with
Other Staff


Using Empowering
Teaching Practices

Teaching practices can be enhanced when the goal
of empowerment is considered.
  Effectively Planning
to Empower Students

   Using Assessments
to Empower Students

   Using Interventions / Remediation
to Empower Students

   Promoting Knowledge and Skill Retention
to Empower Students

Christian LeButt

Developing 21st Century Skills
21st century skills, habits and attitudes empower students to apply their core curricula to modern
work and life. 

Critical Thinking & Analysis
(Higher Order Thinking)
  Taking Actions like Solving Problems
(Higher Order Thinking)
(Higher Order Thinking)
  Understanding and Interacting
with Others

(Understanding motivations, communicating, explaining, presenting ideas, collaborating, competing, and understanding language and culture)
  Personal Skills, Attitudes,
and Habits

(Setting goals, building work ethic, adapting, being versatile, managing stress, being organized, behaving ethically, assessing risks, and being financially literate)
  Technological & Media Literacy
  Learning How to Learn
  Leadership and Motivation

Other Professional

Development Topics

  • Bringing the Future Problem Solving Program into Your Classroom or School
    to Empower Students

  • Building Student Connections with Peers and Educators Through a Communications Camp

  • Building a Specific Class Dedicated to 21st Century Skills

  • Embedding 21st Century Skills into the Curricula of Various Content Areas

  • Overcoming the Challenges that Often Block or Slow Effective School Improvement

  • Using a Structured, Focused, and Consistent Process to Address School Goals and Create Buy-in
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