Empowering Your Students for the 21st Century
The following excerpts from "Empowering Your Students for the 21st Century" give insight into the themes that run throughout Christian LeButt's resources. These themes are supported by numerous strategies and examples that can help all educators empower students.

Building Blocks of a 21st Century Education


Reading from the foundation upward, we should see a 21st Century Education in which:

  • A foundation of connections engages students in a rigorous core curriculum.
  • A rigorous core curriculum can be applied with real-world skills developed through a 21st Century Challenge.
  • A 21st Century Challenge empowers students to thrive in their futures.

These will be our goals moving forward: to teach our curriculum in such a way that young minds not only learn facts and processes, but learn these things in a manner that will prepare and empower them for the future.

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